Lycadican FRPG Downloads

        Version 5.0 of the Lycadican FRPG is protected under the OPL Licence. Click here to view this licence. Note that a copy of this licence is distributed with the game.

        The changes to the pdf from version 0.4x to 0.5 are:

  • Equipment section completed
  • Armour section completed
  • Character Advancement completed
  • Movement and Time section completed
  • Combat section completed
  • Experience section completed
  • Character Sheet Completed
  • Clean up of some inconsistencies in the document with regards to character development

        Planned changes for version 0.6:

  • Major overhauls of the races and their cultures.
  • Incorporation of the Mournfall racial changes.
  • Completion of the religion and faith section.
  • Cleanup of rules system to standardize and streamline it.


Lycadican CRPG Downloads


Kdevelop Project Source Code (Linux)Size:134200
Lycadican cvsSize: Don't know

        The current source is protected under the GPL Liscence. Visit to view this liscence. The current sources are very preliminary. They contain classes relating to generating and storing information about a Character. Such classes are:

  • Attribute
  • Modifiable "interface"
  • Modifier
  • Race
  • BodyArea
  • Dice
  • Etc cetera.

I should note that this is being developed on and for Linux. I develop it in Kdevelop and, although there is no QT dependent code in there at the moment, it started as a KDE/QT project so the configure scripts and makefile will not allow it to compile unless it can find the QT libraries.

        We are in need of programmers and artists who have the time to contribute actively to the project. If you would like to help us in our efforts please Contact Me


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