What is Lycadican

Lycadican is currently two things. Firstly it is an open content fantasty RPG. By this I mean that it is a traditional pen and paper fanatsy role playing game, similar to Dungeons and Dragons. However, there is currently an effort under way to make a computer game based on Lycadican. This is still in early development and is referred to as the Lycadican CRPG (Computer Role Playing Game).

What Platform is the CRPG being developed for/on?

Linux. I have no desire to ever program for or under windows. (Although someone may choose to port it at some point.)

I haven't seen much activity on the CRPG development mailing list. Is the project Stalled?

The CRPG effort is currently frozen until the next revision (V6.0) of the Lycadican FRPG is released. This next version is being written to facilitate an easier translation into a computer game.

Is Lycadican Free?

In a manner of speaking yes. However, it is protected by the Open Content License I also make the stipulation that (out of courtesy) any enhancements or changes to the game be emailed to me for my enjoyment. If people don't do this then I'll amend it to the Liscence.

How Can I Help With the CRPG Effort?

If you want to help out with the CRPG game effort the first thing you should do is to join our mailing list

Once that is done you should announce yourself and let us you who you are. (It helps). We currently need artists and programmers familiar with C++ and/or QT.

  • We also have an ftp site that we use to exchange code between developers. The site is: located at: algarve.surnet.es , the login is: lycadican and the passwd is rpg.lycad This is only for Lycadican development. Anything else we see there will be deleted.