Features of Lycadican

You are probably wondering what this game is and what it has to offer. Why should you play it instead of some other FRPG? Well, being an avid gamer myself I realised that there are alot of good games out there that have alot of reference materials available. Such as AD&D. However, no game incorporates a wide variety of options in regards to their specific systems. For example,AD&D has excellent resource material but only implements two actual ways of casting magic, Incantation and Psionics. To cast a spell a mage must memorize a spell and then cast it then memorize it again.What about ritual casting, rune magic, etc?

I wanted a game that was flexible, realistic, accurate, lots of color and good cultural detail. I specifically took courses in anthropology, sociology and the blackfoot indian language. I'm proof reading what's been written so far and a noticable difference can be seen between my much earlier material and my newer material.

On the other side of the coin there are games that have very detailed rule systems, but they sacrifice game playability for accuracy. I want a good mix of both detail, realism and play-ability while still keeping the motif of a fantasy game. It's a hard act to juggle. However, I've recieved alot of good feedback from my play-testers. Apparently I've done a good job. Shortly I'll have a copy available for ftp and I'm looking into a forum for play-testers.

Some of the features of Lycadican:

Game World

We have a fully developed game world. The descriptions of each area include history, culture, mythology, and religion.

Character Races

13 fully developed character races. Each race has a description of their appearance, culture, society and customs. (Ever hate playing those games that have lots of races and you have no idea what they look like or how they act. Just a name and some numbers.)


9 character attributes. Strength, Intelligence, Wit, Dexterity, Constitution, Appearance and Personality. There is also a movement point based system. Characters that are faster can now actually show it. Who says everyone moves at the same speed?


There are too many to list. The nice thing is characters of the same class can have different skill, abilities and powers at different levels. A character also has the option of learning the abilities and powers of other professions. Customization is much easier.


An advancement system which reflects the amount of practice and use an ability gets. The more you use one skill the better it gets. You can also choose what you want to develop and perfect.


Finally a magic system that incorporates all types of casters and offers very flexible and fair rules for casting. It takes a bit more creativity and preparation on the part of the player but that's what magic is all about. Magi have to be creative with their spells to survive and now you do too.


There is a way to track life energy and soul energy. Cooperation between priests and magi can produce some very awsome benefits. Priests don't just pray and then cast spell like powers. Priests can actually control the flow of life energy.

Laws of Magike

There are laws of magic and accounts for volatile magic that are based on anthropological systems that exist in shamanic and aboriginal cultures. These are the laws taught in university level anthropology classes.

Combat system

There is a basic and advanced combat system. You can be as accurate as where you landed a blow, to how much damage you armor sustained, to how much damage you took from the force of the blow. Individual body parts can be damaged and destroyed.

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