History of Lycadican

" We were a foolish people. Prideful and arrogant. Thus we degenerated into the frail mortals you see now. Ours is a legacy of war, that has been caught in the wheel of time that keeps turning."

-Kerestodon, Arakashinian Keeper of Synia,part one of the histories.

Races of Khardan
Map of Khardan

      I was introduced to Dungeons and Dragons by my cousin Doug at the ripe old age of twelve. Most of my teenage years was spent playing AD&D and reading fantasy literature. When I was sixteen my friends and I got bored of AD&D and started talking about creating our own game. I was probably the most enthusiastic of the group and hence ended up doing most (almost all) of the work. Our project was finished a few months later (at about twenty hand-written pages) and was called Supra (I didn't know there was a car named that at the time). It was vastly overpowered and very loosely based but it had some basic races (mostly non-standard), and creatures. A year later I decided to revise the game to make it more workable and reasonable. My brother Monte and I were the only ones interested. The revision contained three times the material and only basic concepts (the races and professions) remained. However, they too contained mostly new material. Most of the original material was scrapped. This revision was called Supra II. A year of test playing yielded yet another revision with a new combat system and the beginning of a magic system (up to this point we were still using the AD&D magic's). This revision yielded a new name for the game - "Beyond". Not long after another revision with further enhancements was proposed. By then I was more mature and had a better grasp of what a more professional approach entailed. Now I am doing as much in my spare time as I can to get this finished.

       Even some of my formal education has been towards advancing this game. While I pursued my education in computer science, I also pursued writing, anthropology and native languages. This current (fourth) revision of the game has ended up being named Lycadican. Lycadican has its roots in Latin for an ancient Asian empire that mysteriously disappeared; it was destroyed or sunk into the sea. This last revision has yielded a fully complete and unique magike (Greek spelling) system incorporating all of the different types of spell casting that I could identify. I went so far as to create what I observed as laws of magike. You can imagine my surprise when a year later my anthropology teacher taught me the same anthropological-magical laws with the same names (also based in Latin). Lycadican also has a description of a game world "Khardan," and full racial descriptions on 13 different races. With this last revision, I have started adding social, cultural and history data. The sections: equipment, money systems, combats, game world construction and realm mastering techniques are still under construction but the game has come far.

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