"Herein lies some of our oldest and most basic surviving lore. These are the spells most common to the arcane arts of Khardan. Listed together are the runic, ritual, and incantation arcana. Most of the more intricate spells practiced among magi are the spells that were created by forgotten masters of the arts. Some of the spells even bear the sigils of magi from the magikeal holocaust. You fledgling magi are encouraged by the enclave to develop and create your own arcane lore. For your survival, do not depend on the works of others."

-The Sorcerers Enclave.

      Lycadican was concieved in 1990 as an alternative to other fantasy role playing games. At that time my campaigning adverturers thirsted for somthing more than an a-typical fantasy world. We envisioned a fantasy world where new and alien races populated the lands; where arcane arts of all forms are practiced and mysticism, terror and wonder still lay behind every door. From the depths of our imaginations a forgotten land emerged. Just like it's latin counterpart, Lycadican stirred our imaginations and the world of Khardan appeared in the void. Crude rules were defined, wonderous lands were described and populated, and arcane arts were put to paper. Thus, a new world was born. There are just a few of the races and magikes in the world of Khardan listed on this site. Click the FRPG link to the right to view them. Also, I've started a Lycadican Blog to keep people up to date with what is going on with Lycadican development. You can get to my blog by Clicking on the "News" icon to the left.

       The book itself needs pictures of all kinds to spark the imagination where arcane runes and symbols fail. If you are an artist and wish to contribute, please send us an email. Every artist or author that contributes work to the book will recieve his own page on this site dedicated to him. Also he will be listed in the credits to the book and will have a section where he may have short write ups on each piece of art or may have a bio.

       I am currently looking for play testers for the latest version of the Lycadican FRPG. If you are a Lycadican player and wish to provide valuable feedback or if you wish to join the lycadican effort, feel free to subscribe to our lycadican-frpg mailing list or email me directly.

       I have recently just posted some of my papers from my studies of Anthropology at university. One in particular is an assesment about using structuralism to provide a framework for game designers wishing to use anthropological tools to create culture in a fantasy setting. You can see these papers here: Game Design Documents

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