"The quest for knowledge and power is older and more sinister than the world itself."

- Shiaana, Priestess of the "Demise of Arcana" cult


     Magike wielders draw, not on some mysterious web of magike that surrounds the world, but from the very essence of life that flows through every creature, every tree and all things that belong to the earth. This essence is what creates and sustains life. Without it life cannot exist.

The first law of this essence is that it cannot be created or destroyed but can merely change its form and manifestation. Magike wielders know this law and use the force of their minds to manipulate the essence. Instead of focusing on the essence itself one must focus on its potential possibilities to achieve the desired manifestation. This is a highly complicated art which is dominated by those who have studied for years in order to attune themselves to the essence. They are known as Wizards, Sorcerers, Magi and even Warlocks and Witches, by the more superstitious folk. Priests also use the essence, but are slightly different in the ability to manipulate the life essence which comes from the authority given to them by their priesthood and their faith.

Controlling the life essence is a very dangerous art. It is extremely volatile, and as a mage grows in strength so does the amount of essence that he can control.

This essence has many different names, depending on who is using it and how. Everyone has Life energy, and there is a solid relationship between the amount of life essence that one has and his physical well being. Thus, it is a precious thing. Sorcerers and all other Magi, (with the exception of priests) call the amount of this essence Psychi, because they control it with their minds. Priests call this essence Spiritual Life because it is the essence of life, which they control through their spirituality. Do not be confused, these are only titles, Psychi, Spiritual life and life essence are all just names for the same thing.

One's life essence normally springs from within his body at a specific place and radiates outward. In this area, a person is connected to the essence of life around him. It is called a Waato'si. The Waato'si contains and directly links the life energy one has to the free flowing essence. Normally, the Waato'si can be found in the chest area just to the right of the heart. Wizards, however, train their minds so acutely that their Waato'si now originate in their minds. When a magike wielder exhausts his supply of psychi, or spiritual life, he can draw upon his own life energy to wield his magike.

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