The Map of Khardan

"The wilderness is a no mans land, to venture into the dark is to kiss death."

- Aaron, free merchant of the Kingdoms.

      Khardan is an enormous supercontinent with an inland sea. This vast land contains many different types of cultures and races. The world itself was fractured just after the First War of the Races. Eager Sorcerers wielding long forgotten powers upset the balance of the nature. As a result regions are plunged into eternal winters, deserts sprung from the seas and magike in certain areas is unstable at best.

The Western Lands

      These regions include all of the regions from the northern Black Dunes to the Five-Kingdom Confederacy and to the east as far as Quan-Ti. The western lands are newly inhabited considering the ages of ancient civilisation going back to the Harjaaz. Ancient ruins of cities and societies are more prevalent by far than in the central and forgotten lands as they have not yet crumbles under the weight of time.

      The western lands are said to hold the main centres of civilisation on Khardan. With the exception of Jah-Re-Bah this is true. Countries, empires, kingdoms and vastly different cultures are constantly redrawing the boarders in war and trade. One plague that seems to affect all of the lands of this region are itís prevalent cults. Strange and zealous religious orders of every kind abide here. Societies of secret and dark workings are cast a nervous eye by some rules, ignored by others and vigilantly eradicated by many. Although, in recent years the larger cults have started forming their own armies and militias. They threaten to overthrow rulers or inflict hideous plagues upon them if threatened. It has become a sore point for many communities as it seems an increasing number of their leaders seem intimidated by these fanatics.

The Forgotten Lands

      The Forgotten Lands are the abandoned ruins of the Old World, a world that existed before the War of the Races. Most of the ruins now lie forgotten and unrecognisable. Ancient secrets and the unknown draw adventurers to these lands in search of hidden treasures and rare artifacts. Those who have returned from these lands bring strange and fantastic stories and legends of alien creatures, foreign animals, and primitive but ancient peoples. Some even say there exists strange Kinn tribes, never before seen, and that here the Civandzys rule lost cities in all of their former glory. However, whatever is fact or fiction is unknown.

      All of the lands east of Kir-Dire in the north and the Iquas Shelf to the south are considered to be lost lands and are thus far not know to be inhabited by anyone other than nomadic tribes.

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