The Races of Khardan

        "We were all once proud races of the sky, but the greed of our fathers lead our people to war and the corruption of all the races. Our people changed form into that of humanoids to win the war. After centuries of dwelling in these lesser forms our magike was lost"

-The Culgan Shaman Ternex


      Centuries after the exile of the Humans the seed of chaos split asunder and the dragon races were born. While yet in their infancy they were enslaved by the Harjaaz and made creatures of war. They served as chariots for their Civandzy generals and bore the Harjaaz themselves. With their newfound steeds the Harjaaz used the dragon races to make war on each other and the humans who they exiled. In time, the dragons realized their worth and power as equals to the Harjaaz, born from the tree of life itself. With their new maturity the dragons revolted against their masters. Aided by the Civakxys and a few of the Civandzy parents the rebel dragons scattered and fled to the western lands. Once in the western realm the dragons assumed humanoid like forms and hid themselves among the humans and Civaxkys.

In this smaller, more maneuverable form, they could take protection in the forests and mountains, placing warfare on a much smaller level and changing the ways wars were fought, forever. The races learned to make weapons and found new ways to kill, using their more versatile forms. The War of the Races was devastating.

After a millenium of war they lost the lore which allowed them to change back into their greater dragon form. They were stuck in humanoid form forever. However, some dragons did remain, but in very small numbers, hiding away from the humanoids whom they saw as corrupt, evil, and no longer their kind. The new humanoid races are those which now inhabit the land of Khardan.

Over the centuries the races evolved and developed, gaining in intelligence, strength, and wisdom. Great civilizations rose from the ruins of old ones, and many civilizations fell. They eventually forgot the proud noble ways of their ancestors. Much lore and history were lost, and only few passed on their teachings to their children. These are the stories told around the campfires or taught by religious factions. Many of the races are now corrupt in their ways and have succumbed to greed and the desire for power. They have shamed their ancestors, whose remaining people now hunt them. Khardan is full of diverse cultures and civilizations, spawned from the existence of their noble ancestors. The land of Khardan is home to thirteen unique races. Great civilizations formed throughout the world.

Many of the western areas have developed into civilized nations, encompassing a mixture of ethnic and racial groups. The Kin, however, have been shunned from society for their great treachery in recent history.

People of the Otapi'sin cultures still live in nomadic tribes and clans, scattered throughout Khardan in even the most remote places. The Otapi'sin is a common culture to several aboriginal peoples and varying races who have a similar origin. The peoples of the Otapi'sin came from the Ar-Ra'd Dragons. The Ar-Ra'd Dragons were six similar species of dragons, each species was somewhat different from the other; however, they had many similarities and common attributes which has led Jah-Re-Bahn scholars to classify them under one name.

Most large areas in Khardan are the territories of strictly one racial group, or tribe where they have formed their own civilization and keep out outsiders. For instance, the western side of the Black Dunes is the territory of the Dek-Var Arakasha tribe, where they have a warlike and barbaric civilization. On the eastern side of the Black Dunes the Kar-Jun Horde, one of the biggest Kinn tribes reigns. Areas such as these do not welcome outsiders and keep them out with deadly force. Great civilizations such as these rule the land and create a deadly opposing force if a war arises.

The races of Khardan have been created so that no races' abilities, attributes, and powers completely dominate another. All races have their own strengths and weaknesses to make them each interesting and able to survive in a cruel world.

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